Vision Mission


                 Education For Knowledge, Science and Refined Culture.

To inculcate in life the basic values such as truth, honesty character, anti-exploitation spirit, love, social service and sacrifice.

To insist on sanctity and coordination of thought, expression and             practice.





There shall be no discrimination on the grounds of caste,
creed, race and religion in the institution and in all its

The institution shall be apolitical

The members of the management will practise simplicity
and frugality in their life.

Accounts of all the branches will be transparent and kept
open for all.

To motivate and inspire people to be spontaneous and
devoted social workers for develoment of society.

A new education system will be evolved through ideal life-
style of the teacher-activists as was the practice in ancient
Gurukul system and thereby promote lasting values such as
sacrifice, honesty, truth, equality and fraternity,

To develop potentials of creativity and independent

To confess misappropriation of public funds if you
owe it to the institution.